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Catering is the art of offering food service either in a local site, a local restaurant, hotel, pub, airline, cruise ship, amusement park, studio, event site, sports arena or venue, film studio or film festival, sports venue, club or other public place. This art is a highly specialized skill that requires years of training and experience to be successful. If you want to learn how to cater, there are several schools, clubs and institutes across the United Kingdom which can help you get trained for a catering career.


The most important part of catering is the preparation and the designing of the menu of the event. Culinary arts students will usually be taught on the design of the menus. The menu should be flexible and suitable for all types of occasions. The food should also be tasteful and attractive.

Food preparation includes preparing food dishes for an event. You need to be skillful in handling large quantities of food and you must have a wide range of equipment at your disposal to cook different types of food. You will also need to learn about refrigeration, cooking methods, and other factors involved in the preparation of food. Other important skills include cleaning and sanitation. You should also be able to follow a set menu.

The event organizer or the event planner also has to be familiar with the technicalities of catering. This is a very tedious job but it is very rewarding. It involves organizing a lot of different aspects like arranging tables, preparing table linens, setting up chairs and tables, serving and cleaning food. You will need to know how to deal with the different guests at the party. You will also need to know how to handle complaints and other problems that may arise at the event.

Before you apply for a job of catering, you must make sure that the event you are applying for is legal. You will need to submit the proper documents such as your license from the relevant organization. You should also ensure that your license is current and not expired. This will enable you to get hired even if the company you applied to have closed down.

Event catering jobs are in high demand these days because many people are looking for ways to earn extra money during special occasions. Many people have become self-employed to help pay their families back on time. Most event organizers hire caterers on a temporary basis as they do not have much capital to invest in hiring permanent employees. If you are interested in this kind of job, you can get a job as a caterer through a catering agency or you can even work as an independent caterer yourself.

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